About Us


Children at Learning Tree of Fletcher Daycare will not receive physical punishment. Children who have conflicts or problems with others while at our preschool will be encouraged to verbalize their feelings and concerns. Our daycare staff members view discipline as guidance to help children work through their feelings, not as punishment.

"Praise and positive reinforcement are effective methods of behavior management of children. When children receive positive, non-violent, and understanding interactions from adults and others, they develop good self-concepts, problem solving abilities, and self-discipline."

We want children to value cooperation and teamwork. We work to help them learn peaceful approaches as a way to get along. Our spaces are set up with preventative measures in mind. Verbalizing feelings, redirection and explaining to children what they may do are some of the techniques we use, along with providing multiple varieties or educational items for children to use.

Children who choose behavior that endangers others will be removed from the area and given time out periods (as appropriate for their age). Learning Tree childcare will use short supervised periods of "time out" for negative behavior if a child is emotionally out of control and needs private time to regain composure. The child will then be provided with redirection and given a chance to process the problem with a preschool staff member and any other concerned parties.

Success of the positive behavioral support approach depends on children receiving similar guidance from both parents and teachers. If teachers have tried repeatedly to redirect a child using positive behavioral supports and the child continues to make poor choices and/or hurting other children and/or staff members then the child will be sent home. Our priority is to provide a safe environment so that positive learning experiences can be provided for all.