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What to Bring


Please dress for fun indoors and outdoors. We will be outdoors every day, so please bring appropriate clothing for the weather. We welcome sun hats and other items that keep skin safe in the sun, and extra sweaters, gloves, scarfs, and hats to keep us warm in the cold. Days at Learning Tree Preschool can be messy, so keep at least one extra change of clothes at the childcare center for you child. A raincoat is optional, as are rain boots, and you may also choose a spare pair of shoes/socks on wet days if your child doesn't have rain boots.

Flip flops are not allowed at Learning Tree of Fletcher Daycare for safety reasons. Please be sure your child wears shoes that allow for movement and running while protecting their feet. The best shoes to keep little feet safe while playing will cover their toes and the back of the heel, or at least have a strap around the back of the foot to keep the shoe in place.

Personal Belongings

If you choose to bring a bag in with your child, do not keep any medications, diaper rash ointment, tooth brush or tooth paste, sun block, or lotion in it. These products need to be given to your teacher upon arrival, so we can keep them in a locked box away from children. Due to sanitation department regulations, we must allow only storage of essential items at the center for your child. Please check with teachers if you are unsure about what's needed in your child's cubby. We prefer bags to be left at home.

Please be sure to supply adequate personal items such as diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. At least one to two extra sets of clothes are required to be on hand, including socks. All children are required to have an additional set of shoes to be used when in the classroom only.

If your child is using a bottle or "sippy cup" of any type it must be labeled daily with your child's name and date.

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